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Get Me Roger Stone

Examine the rise, fall and rebirth of political operative Roger Stone, who's been an influential member of Team Trump for decades.

Andra Andre

The infamous political consultant and self-appointed dirty trickster, Mr. Stone, gives Netflix a fascinating view into his unique perspective. This documentary will both outrage and amuse you. 

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Thematic galleries for inspirational storytelling.
Thriller Collection


Ambiguous questions about human nature are posed without clear solutions. What causes someone to commit a crime? Is it innate or learned? Is it predetermined or done out of free will?
Horror Collection

Foreign Horror

Horror often works best when it breaks from formula, and takes you into unfamiliar territory. At their best, foreign horror movies can an extra level of discomfort.
Romance Collection

Hipster Romance

These people are painfully in their heads, which makes their struggles to connect more interesting to watch.
Drama Collection

Pointed Period Pieces

Once upon a time, people were pretty awful to each other.